Why Select Us

BNE Property Group Management


Why Select Us!

At BNE Property Group we understand your needs, we cares about your rights being a landlord and we are proud of our unblemished records in this regard.

Our aim is to see that your assets are being look after and you are happy and pleased that you have chosen BNE Property Group to manage your valuable assets.

Our Management Team are well trained, efficient, experience, capable and dedicated professional. They listen, communicate, follow thru, we are Real agent you can trust!

Our Mission Statement

At BNE Property Group you have a peace of mind – we will look after your property like one of our own.


Maximise Your Asset

Knowledge is power, especially in the field of property management. Current rental rates, a careful and professional Property Manager will review each and every lease coming up for renewal. To ensure all leases up to date with current rental rate.

Maintenance issues are being look after and followed thru, to ensure your property does not falls behind looking shabby and run down.

If you can answer YES to two or more of these questions, then you need to switch over and we can help you.

1)    Do you spend too much of your money on repairing something without your approval or that didn’t need fixing?

2)    Does your Property Manager return your calls on time

3)    Do you received any inspection report on a regular basis

4)    Does your property stay vacant longer than it should be

Switch over to BNE Property Group

Looking after your valuable assets couldn’t be easier.

Just give us a call NOW, and we can schedule an appointment to meet you at your earliest convenience.

If you are still sceptical about our service, call us about our


For more information or enquiry, please contact Josephine on 0402 831 688, or click here to submit a contact form.