Landlord Information

Being an investor, we understand you require a trust worthy, responsible and reliable Property Manager with an eye for detail, to look after your valuable asset.

  1. Tenant screening – To ensure we have the right tenant for the property, we carry out the following procedures.
    1. TICA (Default Tenancy Control System)
    2. 100 points test on every adult applicant.
    3. Former landlord/agent references.
    4. Employment income assessment.
  2. A detailed monthly statement showing all rental income and disbursements.  We also provide our property owners with a year-end summary statement at the end of each financial year, to give to their tax accountant. 
  3. Regular rent review to maximise your return.
  4. Inspection report with photos - these provide peace of mind to owners.
  5. Report and obtain approval prior to the commencement of any maintenance or repairs.
  6. We will follow up all rent payments in accordance with;
    1. arrears process, and
    2. the relevant legislation
    3. Your Property Manager will advise you as soon as your tenant is 8 days
    4. in arrears.
  7. All monies received by us will be banked into your nominated bank account, within two (2) working days of our monthly close off date.
  8.  When we receive a vacating notice from a tenant, you will be informed via email or phone to obtain instructions for reletting.
  9. One point of contact


1) Landlord insurance is highly recommended for all investment properties.

2) Who is responsibile for repairs

When it comes to repairs in a rental property, there is shared responsibility between the tenant and the lessor.The lessor or their property manager/agent must keep the property in good condition, so it is safe and fit for the tenant to live in. It is up to the tenant to make sure they do not damage the property, and they must keep it clean and tidy. If the tenant or their guest damages a rental property, they may have to pay for it to be repaired. 

When repairs are required, the lessor or their agent generally carry out the repairs, or arrange for someone to do so. Tenants should not attempt repairs without the lessor’s permission.

3) Rights and responsibilities of Lessors 

Lessor or manager's responsibilities when renting:

  • provide and maintain the premises in a good state of repair
  • provide reasonable security with locks in good working order and keys supplied for each lock
  • respect the rights of the tenant to quiet enjoyment in the premises
  • ensure the premises are vacant, clean and in good repair at the start of the tenancy (i.e. nobody else or their possessions should be there)
  • reimburse the tenant for money spent on emergency repairs subject to certain conditions
  • ensure residents in rooming accommodation have reasonable access to bathrooms and common areas and that these areas and any inclusions should be clean and in good working order
  • pay all charges, levies, premiums, rates and taxes for the premises and cover the costs of preparing the tenancy agreement
  • comply with the laws regarding health and safety of people using or entering the property
  • lodge all bond monies with the RTA


For more information or enquiry, please contact Josephine on 0402 831 688, or click here to submit a contact form.